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Puglia, Bari, Alberobello-enchanting names given to a southern Adriatic region of Italy; a place of beauty and vitality, blessed by the sun and Mediterranean ocean breezes. Inhabited for millennia, this region of Italy thrives with agricultural abundance and  proud, hard-working, self reliant people such as the Liuzzi family.
The founders of our company, Pasquale and Nick Liuzzi, came to this country thirty-nine years ago. They had a dream to establish their own enterprise, producing premium quality cheeses and fine foods, reminiscent of those made by the Liuzzi family for five generations.

The Liuzzi Brothers believed in their dream and believed in America. Their “bulldog” determination, industriousness, and persistence have born fruit. We, who labor on their behalf are proud of what has been achieved. We see what we do as being important because it enable us to maintain our Italian cultural heritage. We are proud to educate our customers about our products, and hope that our efforts will continue to add richness and diversity to their lives.

Our goal is simple… to service our loyal customers to the absolute best of our ability and provide superior products at a fair price.

We are proud to serve you and hope to serve many generations into the future!

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