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Lino LiuzziOUR STORY

Puglia, Bari, Alberobello, Noci-enchanted and historical nom de plumes given to a southern Adriatic region of Italy; a place of beauty and vitality, warmed by the sun and blessed by the Mediterranean ocean breezes. Inhabited for millennia, this agriculture and dairy mecca of Italy thrives with rustic abundance and proud, hard-working, self-reliant people such as the Liuzzi family.

The founder of our company, Pasquale (Lino) Liuzzi came to this country over forty-five years ago. He had a dream to establish his own enterprise, producing premium quality cheeses and fine foods, reminiscent of those made by his family for five generations in a small town called Noci, located in the province of Bari in Italy.


In 1981, Lino along with his brother Nicola believed in a dream and had faith in America. This staunch conviction enabled their “bulldog” determination to begin a venturesome enterprise together, a modest retail store called Liuzzi Cheese – Caseficio Moderno in North Haven, CT. The same banner their family proudly draped over their Latticini store for four generations in Italy.

Against all odds and with little resources, they banded together to not only start and widen their own families, but also nurture a budding business. The hours and effort that needed to be put in this audacious endeavor, was a sacrifice, to say the least, for themselves, their families and close friends.

Yet they believed and their steadfast persistence began to bear fruit from their labors. Word of mouth and recommendations from friends, co-workers, and neighbors, became a most effective way to gain new customers and win over their loyalty. Each one began sharing with others a unique and sumptuous, shopping experience. Grand quality, exemplary service, and exclusive products, became a common narrative throughout this burgeoning legion of frequenters. Thus began the folklore of Liuzzi Cheese and the Liuzzi family.


As the portrait of the Liuzzi family store and their handmade artisan style cheeses began to expand, the next natural progression was to commercial and food service outlets. The store, not only flourished as a personal experience of urbanity and panache, but also transitioned into a “backdoor” cash and carry. A venue for the restaurateur or the owner of a local gourmet shop to stop by and purchase the freshest, hand made specialty cheeses and authentic, imported provisions and market them back in their own specialty places of business. Lino and his brother Nick had found their niche and New Haven County had uncovered a jewel amidst the center of this brimming, bustling culinary hub of Italian eateries and establishments.

It was soon a foregone conclusion the Liuzzi Cheese – Caseficio Moderno was here to stay and flourish. By this time, the entire family was involved in its success and growth. Domenic, Roseann, and Ralph, all children of Lino were intricately involved with every facet of the business, from the production of the cheese, the administration of the office, to the oversight of the retail outlet. The obvious love and devotion they each had for their father and Uncle allowed them to devote their lives to their father’s pioneering goals and ideals and transcribe them into their own achievements.


In the last five years, Liuzzi Cheese has taken the original design and ethics of our patriarch, Lino Liuzzi, and molded these fundamental values into new markets such as Boston, New York, New Jersey, and Florida with traditional and nutritious products. All the while, retaining the same quality and product assurances our original loyal customers to this day have come to appreciate and trust.

The most affirming testament to our longevity is connected to our mission statement. After 32 years our customers are still the bedrock of our accomplishments. We have come to realize what our patrons, new and old, expect from us – High Quality, Full Flavor, and Consistent Products. These original goals of the Liuzzi Cheese – Caseficio Moderno are still woven in the fabric of our continued storied progress. It has driven us to cater to an ever changing market place, which is driven by vendor requirements and individual inquiries. A proving ground we labor in and out of every day.