Ricottone Ricotta

This style of Ricotta is made directly from the whey of the mozzarella. This method of making Ricotta and utilizing the whey is literally a centuries old process dating back to the early Roman civilization. The literal translation of Ricotta means, “Re-Cooked”.  Currently, that descriptive word has been renamed Ricottone. At Liuzzi Angeloni we have taken this age-old process and transcended the mundane by adding fresh milk and cream. It still has the original attributes of this Sicilian Style Ricotta with improved flavor and texture. Our Ricottone is typically used in Sicilian cannoli, the Sicilian cassata cake and sfogliatelle.  Our Ricottone can also be baked or smoked and presented in a unique artisanal style.

5 Lb. New York Style Ricotta

11 Lb. Hand Dipped Ricottone
10 Lb. Hard Ricottone
30 Lb. Hard Ricottone

5.5 Lb. Rustica Ricotta
5.5 Lb. Chicago Style Ricotta
5.5 Lb. Hand Dipped Ricottone