Retail Ricotta

Old Fashion

We make our Ricotta using only the freshest, “farm pickup” Vermont milk that is delivered into our dairy facility every day. A slow cook process in our custom built kettles, allows the curds to denature and coalesce at just the right temperature. The dipping is done the “old fashion way, a method that has been passed down from generation to generation. This timely practice of scooping enriches the fluffy, large curds to capture the fatty moisture tendering to the high flavor profile of our Ricotta. 



1 Lb. Old Fashion
2 Lb. Old Fashion
3 Lb. Old Fashion
3 Lb. Old Fashion Rustica

Old Fashion Riccota

Old Fashion Riccota

Fina Style

The same process we use for “Old Fashion Ricotta” is duplicated with our Fina Style Ricotta, yet we go one step further. We weave our own cream to the mixture and ultra-fine blend the curds into a feathery homogenized fusion of “whipped” ricotta that is used to cook the ancestral Italian dishes our families treasure for holidays and the customary Sunday meal. This savory style ricotta is also enjoyed as a dessert topping on fruit and crackers.


1 Lb. Fina
2 Lb. Fina
3 Lb. Fina
3 Lb. Restaurant Fina