Impastata Rcotta


Impastata is considered to be the “Cadillac “ of the ricottas. Known for it’s high fat and flavor, ultra smooth, creamy texture, and lower moisture, this versatile cheese can be used for filling in traditional Italian desserts, such as cannoli, and sfogliatelle. Our Impastata is considered one of the highest premium brands in the market today that is exclusively used in five-star bakeries such as Ferrara’s in New York City, Artuso’s Bakery in the Bronx, Termini Brothers in Philadelphia, and Mike’s Pastry in Boston. Because of its lower water content, it also an excellent addition to the making of traditional Italian dishes such as lasagna, manicotti, and ravioli.


Impastata Rustica


This Impastata ricotta was created for our customers that still crave the “old way” of making Ricotta Impastata. A ricotta that is made from whey, milk, and cream and rendering a delicate balance of sweet, delicate, and unique flavors. These distinctive attributes contribute to many versatile dishes such as fillings for lasagna and ravioli, and also supplement the perfect consummate for dips and sauces.



5.5 Lb. Old Fashion Ricotta
5.5 Lb. Premium Style Imp
10 Lb. Premium Style Imp
30 Lb. Premium Style Imp Brown
30 Lb. Premium Style Imp Red
5.5 Lb. Rustica Imp
10 Lb. Rustica Imp
30 Lb. Rustica Imp
30 Lb. F/F Imp